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Startup and Small Business Consulting

Free Consultation

Expert project managers, business development consultants and software engineers, consult on a variety of business projects, over a quarterly timeline of client engagement. Our Startup Business Deliverables Package (SBDP) is a viable solution for new and expanding ventures.


Startup Business Deliverables Package (SBDP) 

  • ​Perform Strategic Needs Analysis

  • Establish Capital Structure

  • Incorporate Business, Authorize / Issue Shares and Agreements

  • Research and Develop Business Plan / Pitch Deck / Grant Plan

  • Copyright / Trademark / Patent Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Design Website and Social Media Presence

  • Develop iOS and Android Mobile Apps

  • Align Business with Ecosystem: Angel Investors / Accelerators / Incubators / Collaborators

  • Position the Business Launch by Marketing and  Advertisements

  • Establish Career Training and Development Program  


VanGar’s Sustainable Alliance in Leadership (SAIL) Grant ($500.00), reduces the costs of services required to startup, expand and scale-up the business venture.

24 hour access

State-of-the-art technology

Up to 15 Number

of People

WIFI enabled

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