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VanGar, Corp.

Tapping Innovation!


VanGar, Corp. is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 2012 for the purposes of supporting small business development, and youth career training via apprenticeship programs. We provide business consulting services to promote emerging technologies, scalable business models, and sustainable job growth through apprenticeship. Business consultants and software engineers consult on a variety of projects, over a quarterly timeline of client engagement. Our consulting services provide funding for youth career training, development and dorm housing, as follows: 

Small Business Deliverables Package (SBDP) 

  • ​Perform needs analysis for the business  

  • Research and develop the business plan / grant plan  / pitch deck

  • Design website and social media presence

  • Develop iOS and Android Mobile Applications / Refer for Copyright

  • Align business with ecosystem of collaborators / grant & donor leads

  • Perform Marketing and Advertising

  • Expand training and development through youth apprenticeship


As a nonprofit organization with the noble mission to support small business development, provide youth career training, mentoring, and dorm housing, we have significantly reduced the cost of services, within the Small Business Deliverables Package (SBDP).


VanGar’s Sustainable Alliance in Leadership (SAIL) Grant ($500.00), further reduces the cost of services required to scale the business venture!






Small businesses receive vital business consulting services within an entrepreneurial ecosystem of collaborators, accelerators,  grant and donor leads, and  VanGar’s SAIL Grant to promote new business plans! 

Click "Book Online" above and schedule a free consultation by providing a brief description of your business consulting project.  A VanGar Consultant will meet you here at the scheduled time, by chat and video conference. During the meeting, we'll  confirm the services your organization requires, the timeline to completion and  project costs.  You'll receive an e-contract by email to review, e-sign, and submit contract with deposit. Weekly status reports are provided until project completion. Upon completion of consulting projects, documents are released to clients electronically.  


Bring your entrepreneurial vision to market, and book a  free consultation today!


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Our Community - Jaag CareerHub



Jaag CareerHub is a career and life skills training, mentoring and job placement program, governed through the Department of Labor (DOL) and Florida Department of Education (FDOE). Apprentices undergo required instructor led training (ILT), paid on-the-job-training (OJT), mentoring and job placement. These trade certifications are credentialed through FDOE, and positioned within the high growth industry sector of business administration and information technology (IT), regional in-demand trades.

Jaag CareerHub further seeks to address the great need for affordable dorm housing by providing  income-driven referrals via the housing partner network (HPN). We sponsor the career and life skills training, mentoring, job placement and dorm housing through grants, tax-exempt contributions,  and allocating a percentage of our consulting fees to the cause.

Support Jaag CareerHub youth  in their quest for career training and affordable housing. Your tax-exempt contribution will further sponsor the software, equipment, and expansion of the employer and housing partner networks. 

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Signup free to become a Member of VanGar NetworK by clicking the login button above!


Members receive the SAIL Grant on new business plans!


Members become sponsors of Jaag CareerHub and gain recognition through marketing, advertisements and press related events!


 Welcome to VanGar Network!

On-Demand Consulting

Tapping Emerging Technologies

Business Networking

SAIL Business Grants

Sponsors of Jaag CareerHub

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TEL: 904-302-7215   

Startup and Small Business Consulting Inquiries, click Book Online, or submit the Contact Us Form. 

Send email inquiries to: STARTUP@VANGARCORP.ORG.


Jaag CareerHub inquiries schedule enrollment by clicking the Jaag CareerHub link above, and click Jaag Apprentice, or email us here:

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